RV Education

So, you've bought an RV! Now what?!

Owning an RV is far more enjoyable when you truly understand how all of its systems work and how to best travel in it.

Most dealerships or sellers will do a walk through to familiarize you with the RV, but there's so much information and excitement that it's overwhelming. Too often new RV owners find themselves with expense or injury because of their inexperience. We don't want this to happen to you!

We give people a hands-on training experience in their own RV so they fully understand just how it all works. We also provide checklists for setup, operation, tear down and ongoing maintenance so you'll always have a reference for safe operation and ownership.  

Can’t I just look it up on YouTube? 

You can. But the information you need will be all over the place and you might have a hard time finding it again when you need it. The biggest benefit of taking our course is having the info customized to your unit and experience level, and we provide you with checklists to make it easier to recall. Call us today to discuss your needs and reserve an appointment.

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Why choose Happy Trails?

We have built our career and lifestyle around the RV industry. We have years of RV experience and are continually training to ensure we are up to speed on the latest equipment, factory recalls, and diagnostic testing for RVs. We are certified and credentialed by the RVTAA (RV Technicians Association of America), which holds us to the highest standards. You can read about the RVTAA on their website at RVTAA.org