RV Repairs
Keep your HOME on the ROAD!

Can you fix anything on my RV?

We can perform minor repairs to any of the components of your RV. If you are in need of a more major repair, we'll refer you to our sister company - TrailSmiths Mobile RV Repair. We often work together to ensure there are enough hands to safely complete the repair.

Do I need to bring the RV to you?

We are a mobile RV repair service, which means we come to you! No more taking your RV to the dealership and waiting for them to get around to you. We come to you on your schedule to repair your motorhome, RV or camper.

What does it cost?

RV repair costs vary based on how complex the systems are and the extent of the issue. We charge $225 to arrive to your site, and this fee includes the first hour of troubleshooting/repair. Once we complete the troubleshooting, we'll be better equipped to describe the problem and estimate any additional cost to repair. Call us today to reserve your appointment.

(447) 427-7978

Why choose Happy Trails?

We have built our career and lifestyle around the RV industry. We have years of RV experience and are continually training to ensure we are up to speed on the latest equipment, factory recalls, and diagnostic testing for RVs. We are certified and credentialed by the RVTAA (RV Technicians Association of America), which holds us to the highest standards. You can read about the RVTAA on their website at RVTAA.org