RV Maintenance
An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of cure.

Why should I maintain my RV?

It probably goes without saying that proper maintenance will greatly improve the performance of your RV. If you neglect the maintenance, your components will deteriorate more quickly and inevitably fail earlier than they would have if they had been properly cared for (and usually at the most inconvenient time).

Can I do it myself?

You absolutely can do all of these maintenance items yourself! There are lots of resources online that will teach you how to perform these tasks, including our own maintenance schedule which you can download for yourself. We recommend that you ALWAYS refer to the manufacturer specifications for maintenance so you don't inadvertently void your warranties. And if you're too busy to fit it into your own schedule, give us a call! We do can most of these maintenance items for you, right at your location.

What does it cost?

RV maintenance costs vary based on how complex the systems are. Call today for a free quote!

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Why choose Happy Trails?

We have the experience and the training to provide maintenance that will help you get the longest life from your equipment. We are certified and credentialed by the RVTAA (RV Technicians Association of America), which holds us to the highest standards. You can read about the RVTAA on their website at RVTAA.org.